Left-Handed Fender Electric Guitars

These 4 left-handed Fender electric guitars are certain to elevate your playing. Fender is one of the most famous names in music. And thankfully (for us lefties), it’s also one of the leading manufacturers of left-handed electric guitars.

Fender electric guitars have defined the sound of music for generations. Any musician would love to have a few in their collection!

This article discusses the most popular left-handed Fender electric guitars. You’ll learn about everything from the Telecaster’s Twang to the Stratocaster’s soaring snarl. This article provides you with a high level overview of Fender’s left-handed electrics. You should feel free to click on any of the links below to get way more information on each model. For example, if you click on the link for the left-handed tele, you’ll be able to actually see all of the different models of left-handed telecaster available.

Hopefully, this helps you make an even more informed buying decision.

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Brief History of Fender Left-Handed Electric Guitars

Leo Fender was the genius behind Fender. Fender released the first mass-produced electric guitar, the Telecaster, in 1950. Fender then went on to create all sorts of iconic instruments. From the industry standard Precision Bass to the silky smooth Rhodes Piano, Fender instruments are at the heart of modern music.

Leo Fender
Leo Fender

Despite Fender’s roots as a maker of high-quality instruments, in 1965 Leo sold Fender to CBS. Quality quickly crashed. Thankfully, Fender gained its independence in 1985. Its products soon returned to the quality they’d been known for. Ironically, Gibson guitars suffered a similar fate.

Over the years, Fender has created a number of iconic guitars. The most famous are probably the Tele and the Stratocaster. But Fender’s Jazzmaster and Jaguar are also great choices.

Although Fender makes left-handed versions of its most popular electric guitars, some models and versions are only available to righties. To help you save time, I’ve included all the models of left-handed Fender electric guitars down below.

One other note: Fender also owns Squire and Charvel which make some budget-friendly alternatives to the classics.

Fender Telecasters

The Telecaster started everything for Fender. If you’ve ever played one, you’ll know why! The best sounding guitar I ever owned was a mid-70’s Tele. I really kick myself for selling it!

Click here to see the different models of left handed Telecasters to choose from.

If you’re not familiar with a Tele, don’t worry! For starters, the standard Telecaster has really simple controls. Consisting of a bridge and neck pickup, the tele has a pickup selector that lets you choose either pickups (or both). From there, you’ve got a passive tone knob and a volume control. Easy peasy. Telecasters also typically have a fixed bridge.

Tele’s are renowned for their twang. They have the ability to really cut through a mix with out being harsh or too bright. While they are some of the most popular guitars in country music, they sound great in almost any style.

I recommend Tele’s to guitarists who tend to play with a clean tone. If you add too much distortion, the Tele loses a bit of its magic. But with just a touch of overdrive, a Telecaster sings.

Telecasters are great for the guitar player that likes to play chords in higher inversions, use lots of arpeggios, and play slick licks. It’s not really intended for shredding, though. The neck is easy to play, but feels a little dead when you get aggressive with it.

Telecaster’s have been a staple of the lineup of left-handed Fender electric guitars for ages, for good reason. Replacing my old Tele is probably going to be my next purchase.

Fender Stratocaster

Some may consider the Strat to be the king of electric guitars. Everyone has used one at some point. From the funky tones of Nile Rodgers to the spacey tones of David Gilmour to the blues of Eric Clapton, it’s hard to argue with the sound created by a Stratocaster.

Oh yeah. Did I mention the greatest guitar player ever played? And he was left-handed?


No. Just joking.

I’m actually talking about Jimi Hendrix. He created a generation-defining sound with his Fender Stratocaster. Interestingly, Jimi Hendrix played a right-handed Stratocaster strung upside to make it work for his left-handed style.

A Strat elevates the simplicity of a Telecaster’s controls and features. It features single coil bridge, middle, and neck pickups with a five-way switch that lets you combine them. It also has two tones knobs and a master volume control. Finally, the Stratocaster has a tremolo so you can add subtle vibrato to your playing. Or you could add massive bends. Do you!

As you may have guessed, the Stratocaster is one of the most versatile guitars. You can use it for rock, blues, funk, or anything else you can dream up. I’d say metal is the only style it’s not good for.

My first electric guitar was actually a Squire Strat, since affordable beginner left-handed electric guitars can be so hard to find.

Fender Jazzmaster

The Fender Jazzmaster has a sublime, distinct tone. While it was originally designed for Jazz guitarists, it eventually became associated with a much different sound: Surf Rock. That’s a lot of sonic territory to cover!

The Jazzmaster has also been really well received by popular indie rock guitarists like J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr and Paramour’s Taylor York.

The Jazzmaster plays very smoothly, and comes loaded with tone control choices. It all starts with a set of neck and bridge single-coil pickups and floating bridge. It features master tone and volume controls, and the ability to switch between (or combine) pickups.

But that’s where the fun begins. It features unique circuit paths for selecting lead or rhythm playing. These allow you to balance the volume of each pickup independently when you’re in lead mode. Essentially allowing you to kick into overdrive with the flick of a switch.

Fender Jaguar

The Fender Jaguar is the most complicated of these left-handed Fender electric guitars. For better or worse, there is only one version of the Jaguar available to us lefties.

So that’s what we’ll talk about here.

The Kurt Cobain Fender Jaguar. Kurt is one of the most famous left-handed guitar players out there, and this version recreates his uniquely modified Jaguar. While he wasn’t one of the greatest guitar players by any means (I think he was one of the greatest singers and songwriters), he had a killer tone.

So many iconic massive sounds, from the massive distortion of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” to the watery tones of “Lithium,” Kurt created a sonic soundscape with his guitar playing.

His custom Jaguar captures all of this, with a pair of unique hum bucker pickups, tone controls that borrow from the Jazzmaster, and a floating bridge.